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Multi-layer oak floor

Multilayer floor Tongue and groove Suitable for gluing Fishbone Thermal conductivity 0,159 W/(mK) Reaction to fire

Moisture: 7% ±2
Hardness by Brinell: medium hard
13,5 mm cca
10 kg/m2
Finishing: filled and sanded, oiled

  • 4 bevels
  • 2 bevels
  • no bevels

system pack (cardboard, thermal foil)
random lengths (cardboard, thermal foil)


Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
90/95 400-1300 13,5
120/125 400-2400 13,5
140/145 400-2400 13,5
180/185 400-2400 13,5
210/215 400-2400 13,5

Quality description

  Natur Markant
Discoloration Allowed Unlimited
Small knots Allowed Unlimited
Filled knots Up to max 20 mm Up to max 80 mm
Surface cracks Up to max 20 mm Unlimited
End cracks Up to max 20 mm Unlimited
Sapwood Not allowed Up to max. 10%
Pinholes Not allowed Not allowed

Dark line

Brown line

Gray line

White line

Sound line

Raw line

UV line

Fumed line